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Welcome to Model School

The aim of Model School Dalmia Nagar is to impart best education to its students so that they may become responsible citizens of their country.

Therefore we do our level best to develop the qualities of integrity, honesty, trust, compassion, co-operation and tolerance among our students. We believe in the dignity and worth of each student and recognize the importance of his/her fellowman in the world community.

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Commendable Achievements

  • Establishment of a well equipped and spacious computer Lab. With Broadband Internet & Networking Facilities in all computer systems. 14 Sets of New Computer Installed.
  • The Cadets of NCC, Scouts & Guides have actively taken part in the campus and other training activities of NCC & Scouts guides and awarded A+ Certificate
  • Providing School Bus Conveyance facilities to students
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Instruction to Students

  • Be Good-Fearing, Remember all the wisdom begins and ends in God
  • NEVER WASTE A MINUTE OF TIME. Remember Time is a circus always packing up and moving away
  • DO NOT FLINCH IN THE FACE OF DIFFICULTIES IN YOUR STUDIES. Tackle all your difficulties courageously and cheerfully
  • NEVER CHEAT OR USE UNFAIR MEANS. Cheating is contemptible anywhere and at any stage
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Academic year – 2020-21

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