School Library

The School library is well stocked with books of various subjects including a special reference section. Fresh titles are being added on regular basis .The library subscribers a wide range of popular magazines, journals, dailies news papers, etc. It is equipped with a video unit for screening educational features.

The library is opened to all bonafide students of the school and each class is provided with one or two library periods per week. Students are advised to make the best use of the library and develop a flair for reading. Students are expected to observe the library rules and maintenance. They should records the books read in Book I have read, column in the school diary.

Library Rules

  • Library of your school belongs to you. Ensure its safety and avoid causing damage to its property fitting, furniture, floor and walls
  • Make sure that, no one removes any page from the books newspapers and magazines
  • No one should put any mark with pen or pencil on any book of library. This spoils the beauty of books and renders them unable to used by others
  • No one should deliberately misplace a book and make it difficult to locate
  • Finally, when leaving the school please clear all the Reader’s identity card/ library card, Book, etc, issued to you and obtain a NO DUES CERTIFICATE from the library

Loss or Damage of books

In case the book is lost or damaged while in your possession you will be required to replace the book by a new copy of the same Title and of latest edition. In case you are unable to procure the same from the market, you may be allowed to pay the current price of the book ascertained from the publisher’s catalogue in case same edition of the book is not available, double price of the book as recorded in the Accession Register may be charged.

Celebrations / Festivals

The School celebrates various special occasion and festivals. This helps the students in understanding the different facts of our culture and to appreciate the concept of unity in diversity. These celebrations are organized in different forms such as holding a special assembly, cultural programmes, etc.

Republic Day, Independence Day, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Martyr’s Day in addition to religious festivals seasonal festivals and festivals connected to the personalities.

House System

Students are grouped under House system namely Earth, Air, Fine and water. A student is allotted a house at the time of admission and his/her membership remains same till he/she leaves the school.

The school not only organizes various activities at inter-house level but also tries to inculcate leadership qualities in the students for healthy competition. Students are advised to follow the order of house Master/ Mistress Associate Member to participate in the house activities and volunteer in maintaining discipline and cleanliness in the school.

House Performance 2017-18

  • Air House
  • Earth House
  • Fire House - Best House in Academic
  • Water House


Provisions are made to motivate the performance of the students through following scheme of awards and appreciation:

  • Scholastic Awards – First three rank holders in order of merit, in each class based on the overall performance at the end of academic year
  • Radha Prasad Trust Scholarship of Rs. 2,400/-is awarded to the top scorer in class IX, In addition to these, prizes and awards are given to the successful students in various competitions and contests


  • Summer – 21st May to 23rd June, 2019
  • Winter - 24th Dec, 2018 to 2nd January, 2019