Admission & Withdrawal

The intake points of admission are LKG and Class XI vacancies in other classes are very and in some class none at all.

These are failed as they arise. Registration for admission LKG is generally done in January/February and class XI soon after the declaration of CBSC Class-X results as specified in Admission is made only after the students have qualified in the Entrance Test interview (if considered necessary subject to availability of seats.)

NOTE: Registration of student does not guarantee admission. All document as stipulated in the admission to the board Examination classes, i.e., X & XII depends upon fulfillment of C.B.S.E conditions and will not be considered after September.

At the end of the session

Application for the withdrawal at the end of school academic session are to be at least one month in advance by the last date of February month.

During the session

Application for the withdrawal should be submitted at last one week before the date of leaving.

Note: In both cases, the application will have to be made in the prescribed from available in the school office. The School Leaving Certificate/T.C will be issued only after all dues have been returned.

The examination from Academic year – 2018-19 and onwards would be conducted as per the remodeled assessment structure given below by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.