About Us

Welcome to Model School

The aim of Model School Dalmia Nagar is to impart best education to its students so that they may become responsible citizens of their country. Therefore we do our level best to develop the qualities of integrity, honesty, trust, compassion, co-operation and tolerance among our students.

We believe in the dignity and worth of each student and recognize the importance of his/her fellowman in the world community. We believe that all children have equal opportunities for education, consistent with their individual capabilities and personal and social needs.

We believe that change is a continuous process in the life. Therefore, education should be encouraged in the students for development of personal values and thinking process which will facilitate their intelligent and adaptability to the rapidly changing society.

Society needs not only bookish knowledge, but also it demands excellence in actual life situations. Freedom from outside contents and complicated sets of rules and regulations, freedom to introduce experiments and give students modern environment are our chief targets.

We want best co-ordination among parents, teacher s students and management we should feel the sense of lines that, “what joyance rains upon me when, I see frame in the mirror of futurity. Remember – tomorrow never comes. Hard work is the best investment and key to success. We wish you success at every moment of your life.

Commendable Achievements

  • Establishment of a well equipped and spacious computer Lab. With Broadband Internet & Networking Facilities in all computer systems. 14 Sets of New Computer Installed
  • The Cadets of NCC, Scouts & Guides have actively taken part in the campus and other training activities of NCC & Scouts guides and awarded A+ Certificate
  • Providing School Bus Conveyance facilities to students
  • Installation of C.C.T.V cameras in the campus as well as in all the classrooms
  • Provided green board facility to the all class rooms
  • Reference Books of various publications in science & Maths made available to the Library
  • New set of washrooms constructed in Sahu Jain campus
  • Two New School Buses purchased to improve the transport facility of the School
  • Participation of School Team at National Levels

Instruction to Students

  • Be Good-Fearing, Remember all the wisdom begins and ends in God
  • NEVER WASTE A MINUTE OF TIME. Remember Time is a circus always packing up and moving away
  • DO NOT FLINCH IN THE FACE OF DIFFICULTIES IN YOUR STUDIES. Tackle all your difficulties courageously and cheerfully
  • NEVER CHEAT OR USE UNFAIR MEANS. Cheating is contemptible anywhere and at any stage
  • ‘DEVELOP GURUBHAKTI’. This will lead you to the utmost excellence in all spheres of your life
  • NEVER BE CRUEL. Cruelty is the trait of a bully. Kindness is the mark of gentlemen
  • DO NOT LAMENT OVER THE EVILS OF THE WORLD BUT TRY TO MAKE IT BETTER, Remember it is better to light a candle than to course the darkness
  • NEVER TELL LIES, EVEN White lines leave a black spot on the character
  • Check whether you are bringing all the required book and notebooks as per routine or the Time –table
  • Complete your assignment yourselves
  • Keep your mind open and wide to receive knowledge
  • Work hard to remember and learn lessons from books and classes
  • Practice to learn and develop skills and precision in work and play
  • Utilize time carefully for constructive and useful purpose